Speak to Engage: How to Become a Better and Funnier Speaker

The Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center

Audiences have become conditioned to receiving information with a dose of entertainment, and that makes humor a critical tool for any professional communicator. We want our data with a punchline these days– witness the success of The Daily Show or the stickiness of many of President Obama’s speeches for example.

Whether you are preparing for a business presentation, giving a wedding toast, defending your thesis, raising money from investors, this class will take you from nervous and sweaty to stage-ready.

In this workshop you’ll learn how:

  • Standup comedians’ best techniques, and how to adapt them to a public speaking context
  • How to build a library of proven, personalized jokes and anecdotes that you can draw from in presentations and conversations
  • The proven method for turning any story into a funny anecdote that gets laughs (and stays top-of-mind for your audience)
  • Techniques used by comedians to overcome stage fright and improve your delivery
  • How to replicate the techniques of top speakers from TED and other platforms
  • How to open and close strong, make a great and funny first impression while getting laughs every time